Gentle Beth, Positive Reinforcement Dog Training
Gentle Beth Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

In 2016 my husband Dave and I moved with our dog Ralphie to Portland, and I began volunteering for the Oregon Humane Society. I walked dogs, assisted the behavior modification team, and participated in outreach events in the community. For three and a half years I also worked at OHS as an adoption counselor, matching people with pets and helping adopters ease their new pets’ transitions into their homes.

Through my volunteering and work at the Oregon Humane Society, I developed a fascination with canine behavior and training, which led me to take courses about dog training and behavior consulting. In the summer of 2021 I left the Oregon Humane Society and launched Gentle Beth.

My training philosophy starts here: DO NO HARM.  

Training should not cause fear or pain or make any behavior problems worse. Using positive reinforcement and training games, I help my clients teach their dogs to live in a human-centered world. I aim to enhance the partnership between dogs and their people by educating people about dog behavior and dog body language, and by using the most effective, science-based training methods.

We offer private and remote training to help you and your dog live a happier life together. In-person private sessions are good for dealing with specific behavior issues and training goals and for getting personalized hands-on instruction. The number of training sessions you will need depends on your training goals. 

Included in the session cost:

  • An individualized training plan that we design together and revise as we work

  • Written notes that include detailed descriptions of the training exercises and games we covered in our session along with practicing guidelines

  • Regular follow-up emails from me to check on progress and to answer questions

  • Access to the website to submit questions

Please reach out via my website for training costs or to schedule a session!


Beth Deitchman, CPDT-KA
(971) 253-7079