February is Pet Dental Month.

Dental Hygiene is very important for our pets’ overall well-being. Use these tips, and a little one-on-one time at home with your pet, to protect your pets’ dental health.

At Tré Bone we have helpful products to make this easy and fun. We carry toothpaste in pet-friendly flavors such as poultry, peanut butter, peppermint, and, yes, fish! We also have flavored gels, sprays, and anti-plague/tartar powders you can add to your pet foods and water. These will all help you keep their mouths clean and healthy.

Tooth and gum wipes and plaque off powder are some of the oral and dental care items at Tré Bone
Toothpaste and other oral care products available at Tré Bone

To use these products you will want to use toothbrushes or finger brushes that fit comfortably in your dog’s mouth. Of course, I’ve got some for you. You can also use cloth gauze wrapped around your index finger to help clean your pets’ teeth.

Doggie toothbrushes available at Tré Bone.
Good oral care can save on vet visits later.

This ritual’s frequency will depend a lot on the breed and type of dog. The food you feed is also a factor (raw diets are the best). Chewing on quality treats, such as bully sticks and raw bones, are highly recommended. They are great for gum and tooth health and help reduce chewing on your clothes, shoes, or furniture.

Raw beef bones are some of the best for cleaning pet teeth.
Check the Tré Bone freezer for raw beef bones. Bully sticks and other bones are on the treats table.
Whimzees Dental Chews protect your pet's teeth and gums.
Regular use of Dental Chews can help maintain oral health.

Some people think that dogs need to crunch on kibble to keep their mouth clean. Sorry, it does not work that way. For example, I grew up on crunchy French baguettes and I can attest that French dentists are very much in business!

So, go ahead and help your dog stay healthy and happy with the best you can offer as early as possible. It makes good sense to be proactive.


Brushless toothpaste available in bags at Tré Bone
Brushless toothpaste is another option for canine dental health.