Parasites are a real nuisance. Not only are they uncomfortable for pets and their people, but they can also transmit diseases and illness.

Usually dormant in the cold winter months, flea and tick season is “evolving” as our climate changes. You may be treating your pets with an anti-flea medication every month. This is a good way to keep the bad critters away.

You may also choose a more holistic way to address this situation. Here are a few suggestions for products available at Tré Bone that may prove cheaper and gentler on your pets and the whole family. They require a little more energy, but are worth trying.

Flea control products at Tré Bone
Holistic flea and tick control products at Tré Bone.

Bathing Pets

This is a good way to find out if your pet is infested, since fleas will be still among the shampoo suds and easy to comb off and flush away. Use a good quality flea and tick shampoo containing herbal essences such as Citronella, Neem Oil, or Oatmeal. These components will help soothe bites and protect against potential re-infestation.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Apply sparingly on your pet’s coat, carpets, rugs, beddings as well as around your house and garden. This will kill and keep fleas away. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is safe for all members of the family.

This product is quite versatile too. In addition to fighting fleas and ticks you can also use it as a worm treatment by adding it to your pet’s food. (Remember to get the food-grade type!) Diatomaceous Earth is also useful around your yard and garden. It will repel ants and slugs, for example.

Wipes, Sprays, and Lotions

Like many parasites, fleas and ticks adapt. So, if you are faced with a serious infestation you may need to use the big guns such as a flea bomb in your house and/or medications. However, this does not have to be forever. Use wipes and spray-on lotions to keep infestation away. Apply any of these good quality products according to directions. Your pets will smell good and, at the same time, be protected ready for the outdoors.

These holistic practices can be fun and increase the bond between you and your pets.


Advantage flea control products at Tré Bone
Anti-flea medication will also keep fleas away from your pets.