Serge helping a customer at Tré Bone
Store owner, Serge, helping customers at the store on 8326 N Lombard Street

Our Standards

We have some of the strictest criteria in the Portland area. We have no corn, no wheat, no soy, no chicken from China, no by-product or poor quality ingredients in our foods or treats. At Tré Bone we read every label and research the companies that produce the products we sell. We buy local when we can and look at the environmental footprint of our products. We love family owned businesses. If they own their plant and have strict controls of their manufacturing then that’s even better. We have dropped products and entire lines because of big corporation buy-outs. Integrity and trust is everything when it comes to our four-legged family members. If you do not see it at Tré Bone then it may be it is not good enough for your pets

Since 2007

In the years since Tré Bone opened, it has become an integral part of the St. Johns community by hosting dog training classes, raising money for the Oregon Human Society through our annual calendar sales, and supporting other independent pet stores in Portland and the surrounding area.

Healthy Pet Food

The year Tré Bone opened, 2007, was a terrible year for our pets. It was the year that it was discovered that fake protein from China laced with melamine, a toxic agent, was prevalent in dog and cat food sold throughout the world. In the United States dogs and cats were becoming seriously ill and dying from this poisoning. According to some estimates, more than 4000 pets perished in the US alone. Serge began with a with a mission to provide the best food & supplies available for the health and wellbeing of our furry companions. His great love for animals spurred him to research and push forward with his concept for the holistic approach that Tré Bone customers have come to rely on.

About Serge

Serge was born in Marseille, a city in the South of France, and raised on farms in Provence. His love for pets came from his early years in Provence where he helped with the farm dogs and sheep.
“We would go out in the morning to graze the sheep and stay out all day, and I loved it.” Serge

Tré Bone Pet Supply

Life took its turns, and after a life-long career as a French Chef, Serge began his new adventure with a passion for sharing great quality food for dogs and cats. Tré Bone opened its doors in 2007 with a mission to provide the best food and supplies available for the health and wellbeing of our furry companions. In 2007 he had a dog that died from the fake protein (melamine) that was in all kinds of dog foods. After adopting two new dogs he began looking into making my own brand of food for dogs and cats, speaking with other independent pet stores to see if there would be a market. The market was there, but his research showed that the investment cost would be at least half-a-million dollars. Instead, Serge thought about opening his own independent pet store. One day, driving through St. Johns, he saw this space where the store is now. The entry doors and tile floor reminded him of France. The rest is history!

Holistic Pet Care

Serge has two dogs and a cat and doesn’t sell anything he wouldn’t feel comfortable giving to his own pets. Holistic pet care is the way to go. As much as he respects veterinarians, and they are necessary, anything you can do holistic is cheaper and much easier on the body. Customer service is very important to Serge. In France, if you enter a store and somebody doesn’t say hi to you, that is not good customer service. We have a family atmosphere at Tré Bone where people can meet each other and bring their pets. Serge, Store Owner